How Building in Calgary Helps the Local Economy

The local economy can be supported by building technology in Calgary. With a projection of $7.5 billion spent on digital transformation by businesses in Calgary from 2019-2022, it is said that tech will be the next big thing in Calgary.

When considering where to hire developers, it is important to take into the added economic benefits into account. As businesses part of the Calgary community, you can contribute significantly to the growth of our economy by hiring locally within the tech sector. 

Ever wonder how hiring Calgarian developers helps the local economy? We have listed the potential economic impacts of your decision to develop locally, and its’ way beyond having a  good public image.

Create Jobs Locally

By hiring locally, you are providing job opportunities and helping lower the local unemployment rate. This is even more so when it comes to high tech industries like software development. According to research by economist, Enrico Moretti, for each high tech job created in a city, five additional jobs are ultimately created in other sectors, including both white collar and blue collar occupations, within that city. This multiplier effect further demonstrates the significance of the contribution to local economic growth from high tech industries. Hence, when hiring developers, it is a good idea to consider looking into your own community, allowing you to enjoy that added benefits to the local economy.

Contribute to Calgary’s Economic Diversification

For decades, Calgary’s economy relies heavily on its oil and gas industry, making it especially volatile to the fluctuating oil prices. The global pandemic coupled with oil price drop has led Alberta to be one of the provinces with the highest unemployment rate in Canada. It goes without saying that a more resilient economy is what all Calgarians hope for. One of the key strategies to create a resilient Calgary is economic diversification through embracing the emerging sectors, with tech being  the focus

Spark Innovation & Growth

With its rapid technological advancements, Calgary is known for its startup ecosystems with one of the highest density of small businesses in Canada. With one out of every four tech companies in Calgary being a startup, it is without a doubt that the technology sector is the key innovation driver in Calgary. Furthermore, with Calgary recently made its debut on the North American tech talent ranking placing no. 34 and enrolment for undergraduate tech programs increased by 50%, Calgary has shown that it has the talent to be competitive within the global economy in tech. By growing with the tech businesses in Calgary, innovation and growth are sparked within the city.


At Vog Developers, not only do we see the growth in our own organization allowing us to hire more local talent, but through our extensive experience working with local entrepreneurs and SMEs, we witness the numerous local job openings created due to our development projects. 

As Calgary’s top developer, we pride ourselves in caring for the community and being able to contribute to the local economy. Are you looking for a trusted developer in Calgary? Contact us today to be part of the Calgary tech community shaping the future of our city!