How mobile apps can boost employee efficiency

Avoid wasting time, money, resources and effort managing processes that are not giving you the expected return of investment. Here are some aspects you have to consider if you want to maximize profits and make the best you can with the use of mobile apps.

Why do you want your employees to be more efficient?

By working efficiently, more can be produced with the same amount of resources. For this reason, it’s essential that employees carry out the correct tasks in the right way to avoid wasting efforts on current processes that are not giving back a fair and satisfying return of investment.

How to be more efficient?

It’s vital in keeping your company alive and thriving, and there are many challenges that businesses face on a daily basis. It can be quite hard to keep it up with the competition. Moreover, disengaged employees drag a company down. It’s a lot of pressure, but you can start being more efficient by analyzing your current process, finding out what can be improved and getting the help of the right tool to maximize efficiency.

How can mobile apps increase employee efficiency?

By achieving more for lower costs. Here’s how you will increase efficiency with the help of mobile apps:

1. Do things in the right way

Gather data to analyze what was already done, track what has been done, and predict future outcomes. Use what you already have to plan your next steps if you want to increase employee efficiency by:

a) Improving the processes that you already have in place

You probably already have your own processes running, but you are not happy with the results and/or believe it could be improved. By using the correct mobile app features, you can start refining existing products, processes or opportunities, and make improvements within existing conditions. Facilitate what you already have in place with the help of technology.

b) Developing new processes

There is always room for improvement, but some may require much more than a few adjustments. If you have to put new procedures in place, you need to invest in the continuous development of new products, processes or opportunities, so that profitability improves. The chances you are doing the right thing when making significant changes are much higher if you get the help of the most up to date tools you can get, and, with the help of a top-notch custom mobile software, you can get them on the palm of your hand.

2. Successfully assign resources

Something is efficient if it has a beneficial effect. To be functional, it is required the ability to act or produce effectively with a minimum of waste, expense and unnecessary effort. Businesses need to focus on the resources and speed to achieve their organizational goals. With the help of data collection, analysis and actions optimized through mobile software applications, it’s easier and faster to know where and how to allocate your resources.

3. Equip your team with the right tools

Your team’s skills are essential to business performance, but the tools they use in their work also play a huge role if you want to increase efficiency. To know what are the features that will best fit your business and meet your current strategies, look for experienced developers that build more than apps. Coding is fundamental, but to be successful, you want more than a great system, you want to make sure your employees are using in and engaging with it. A custom mobile application with the right features will maximize your profits by improving your processes. Here are some aspects you can easily get enhanced with the use of a custom software application and will change the way you do business:

a) Time tracking:

Track your team’s hours and productivity with activity rates, assign specific projects and tasks to each team member, take a closer look at employee productivity so your business can improve workplace efficiency. There are only a limited number of hours in a workday, and an infinite number of tasks your team has to complete.

b) Collaboration:

Promote and simplify teamwork. Being able to work together in real-time is hugely beneficial to any team, and also allows ideas to come more naturally.

c) Communication:

Keep conversations organized and messages easy to keep track of. Whether your team works in a traditional office or as a remote team, without adequate, two-way communication, relationships end and businesses fail. For this reason, we recommend using a tool that is made specially to meet your specific business’ needs so that the team’s workflow is as streamlined as can be. Modelling a positive, open communication sets a precedent for team members at every level.

d) Recruiting:

Future employees can be screened, first and foremost, for how well they’ll fit in with your company’s core values. Hiring the right person with the skills you truly need will not only save time and money down the road but also is likely to energize other employees, what results in increased motivation and productivity.

e) Training and education:

Training greatly benefits both employers and employees. Mobile training apps provide an inexpensive and convenient way to train. Provide articles, videos, discussion boards, hub for ideas, interactive tests, webinars, insights from industry experts and promote events to help employees to get informed and inspired. It’s everyone’s interest to learn new skills to address challenges continually.

f) Encourage autonomy:

Encourage individuals to take ownership of how they manage their own time and resources. With the help of a mobile app, it’s easier and safer to give autonomy and avoid micromanaging. Give your employees a tool that will allow them to operate independently. Granting workers freedom over when, how, and where they work creates proof of their work ethic in a way that trying to control them cannot. Find the good in what your employees are doing, tell them about it, and show you care.

g) Self-care:

By establishing clear parameters for success, you foster a healthy, communicative company culture. Use a tool to offer mood monitoring, meditation and relaxation, journaling, and wellness tracking. Show your employees you care about their wellness and give them a tool to manage their stress and handle hectic situations.

h) Organization:

Use a calendar to book meetings, create to-do lists, plan your time, and give access to your tasks and projects to specific colleagues to make it easier to coordinate schedules.

i) Remote work:

Get a custom mobile app to keep track of remote workers and tasks accomplished by them. Researches have shown that remote workers can be more productive, they log more hours, take less sick leave, perform better, and in general, are more engaged at work. All this leads to significant cost savings for businesses, and, unsurprisingly, companies are catching on. Depending on how you run your business, you can even track their current location. Moreover, nowadays, remote work is seen as a considerable benefit as it can save commute times and help workers with struggles they have to face on their daily routine. Why not make things easier for them if they are delivering the same results as when they are working at the office?

4. Engage your employees

You can have the best software, the best machines, the best office, the best tools. However, if you don’t have an engaged team, all those other resources won’t be enough to keep your business thriving. Engaged employees work harder, smarter, and better; while disengaged employees can drag down profits.

With the use of a mobile app, your employees have to be engaged with the system. If they don’t use what you are offering, your effort in trying to make things easier and faster won’t work. For this reason, if you want to get a system that will improve the way you do business and indeed increase efficiency, you have to count on a highly qualified team of developers that will be with you all day from the developing stage until the execution. You will need a team of developers that understands and applies the latest and most efficient ways to increase user engagement through user experience, design and a system that runs smoothly, giving the user the pleasure of getting their tasks done efficiently.

5. Measure efficiency

What gets measured gets managed. Measuring efficiency starts with valuing the quality of the work as much as the quantity. An efficiency measure tool allows you to monitor, streamline, and manage projects across your entire team in a way that’s intuitive and easy to use. Get it customized to your business according to the strategy, plans and actions you are taking to increase efficiency.


All you need to do to increase efficiency is put yourself in your employees’ shoes, ask yourself how you can improve your processes and ask us how a mobile app could facilitate it. Together, we can analyze what is working and what is not working, compile all the information and then create a strategy that will boost efficiency.

Get the help of experienced developers that will build the right tool to meet all your expectations and truly boost efficiency, maximize profits and improve employee engagement. Contact Vog App Developers here today.


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