The 5 Minute Argument for Focus Group Testing (I Promise It’s Not Boring)

Only five minutes for this hey? That means this needs to be short, action packed, informative, interesting, and needs more cowbell. Here’s our 5 minute case for taking the time to test your app with focus groups first before “throwing” it out into the world:

To some this might seem like common knowledge but to others, they may be missing the important step of thorough testing when they deploy their app. The testing phase is actually incredibly crucial to both your app as a polished piece and to your marketing upon completion and no.. I don’t just mean sending the app to your friends and family for a quick test drive before deploying it live. Take it from a pro Calgary iOS developer!  A solid test audience made up of a few different types of people can help to lock down who exactly is going to be wanting your app. Here is my case:

And.. Go!



Nothing brings up bugs like having someone from outside the development team give your app a thorough run through. Your app is meant to be a polished piece that adds value to someone’s life one way or another. It cannot do that if there is some sort of overlooked bug or technical glitch causing it to not run at its peak performance. A good focus group who is familiar with the ins and outs of app testing can be exactly what you are looking for. Your customers won’t overlook anything when it comes to your apps functionality.. so don’t give them a reason to complain. Make sure your app has had a thorough test run before making it live to the world. If your focus group can find it, then so can the rest of the world. This is incredibly beneficial when we do anything for iOS development in Calgary.



A solid focus group of UNBIASED app testers can also help you later on down the road when it comes to your marketing. If your app is not doing well with the people over the age of 55, but super well with 18-28 year olds, then you have your best customers locked down and a target audience established. Your app may also appeal to men and women differently. Men and women both use Pinterest but it was found that more women were using Pinterest compared to men. Pinterest then decided to start gearing their marketing efforts towards women more than men and the results were highly successful. Your focus group can have the same results and findings when it comes to your testing. Remember, you want to market to your best customers first, prospects second, and the rest of the world last. As the top Android Developer in Calgary we take pride on being a one stop shop for any mobile development need you may have!



Focus groups aren’t just for picking your app apart to scrutinize it. They are also for giving constructive feedback. Perhaps you have an app geared towards people above the age of 50. If you run it by a focus group, the people testing it might be able to offer helpful suggestion and additions to the app to make it more appealing to other like minded individuals. Think of it like getting someone to proof read your essay before you hand it in to the teacher. It can save you a lot of time and may ultimately make it better which not only benefits your customers, but you as well!



Focus groups for apps are assembled by developers for the sole purpose of putting an app through the motions. What they liked about it, and what they believe can be improved on. This makes them incredibly reliable for their personal diversity and fairness when it comes to judging your app. Many people think bringing in family and friends to test the app is enough to get by but that may not be the case. Family and friends (depending on the situation) are biased in your favor, and they will likely tell you they enjoy your app regardless of what their true feelings are. I know personally my mom would love anything that I did regardless of whether or not it was ACTUALLY a good idea. My mom may be a nice lady with an actual opinion on other peoples apps but unfortunately it is hard for her not to be biased simply because her son has made an app. Get the idea? An unbiased focus group may be exactly what you need for a clear, honest answer of what is good, and what can be improved. You’ll be thankful you chose this group later on down the line.


Hopefully I was able to throw a couple good points in there. Taking that extra time and budget to get some real, honest feedback will be well worth the investment. If you would like some help setting up your own focus group for an app, or perhaps you are not quite at that stage but want to get started, then you’ve come to the right place! Visit the Contact section of the website and we will get started in setting up an appointment!