What Apps Could Look Like in 2025?

Ever wondered where apps are heading in the future? Are we going to be stuck on smartphone screens forever or is something different coming? Will newer technologies help my business? These are the right questions to be asking for this blog topic! Let’s take a look:

This is a fun blog topic! No complex marketing tips or boring points for business. Instead a potential glimpse into what the future of apps may hold for us. We are Calgary’s Best Mobile App Developer because we stay current, relevant, and educated. However, we also need to keep pushing the boundaries of technology if there are ever going to be innovations.

So we have decided to allow our blogger to have a little bit of fun and write about where apps may be in 10 years based on research and professional opinion.


Push and Pull

There is a strong potential that we may start seeing notifications “pushing” whatever function you need to do to complete the task, rather than “pulling” it (downloading the app and opening it). Let me give you an example of what we have right now. Certain phones have a function that allows you to reply to a text from whatever screen you’re currently on whether it be Facebook, YouTube, etc. The notification “pushes” the ability to text back on a smaller sized window without interrupting your previous activity. We may start to see other abilities being pushed through our mobile devices as well such as writing signatures through docusign, authorization for financial transactions, and invitations to video conference. With users being people who like things that save them time, who knows what sort of other capabilities the future might have for push technology.


Please Leave a Message After the Tone

Throughout history there have been many methods of leaving a message for someone in your absence. Think of the telegram back in the day paired with the postal service for sending handwritten letters. We eventually upgraded to the telephone with voicemail and then eventually.. email! Nowadays, we mostly use email, texting, and the occasional voicemail, but there is likely another upgrade coming soon. Joe Kochan, the chief operating officer for US Ignite believes we may eventually switch to video messages, especially as technology improves and internet speed gets faster. Imagine being able to see the person who left you a message and understand what it is they’re talking about more in depth. For example, If your cousin Lily had a baby and the family called you to talk about it, imagine them leaving you a video message and being able to see your cousin’s new baby.

Now arguably you could say something like this already exists with technology these days with our ability to send each other videos over text, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. However, as we see bandwidth speeds increase, we may see video messaging take a more standard role on our devices than ever before.


A Reality Check

As of now we are just starting to see the rise of virtual and augmented reality coming to light. Certain devices even integrate your own smartphone as the screen used for your virtual reality headset. Soon though, we may be using virtual and augmented reality for more than just gaming. Advancements are being made to blend augmented reality a lot deeper into real world objects such as a wrinkled shirt, or a curved ceiling. This level of integration with our own world will lead to some pretty cool “real life” scenarios.

Virtual Reality however may start to be used for a lot more than just gaming. We may soon have the capability to having a video conference with people all over the world. Imagine sitting at a virtual board room and being able to look around, socialize, and even interact with fellow employees as everyone makes presentations and contributions all through a virtual space. We will likely also see a lot more virtual reality being used for educational simulations such as surgeries or flight school.


See More and Share More

There are a ton of apps out there that help to monitor and track all sorts of your information. You can get apps and tech that monitor your heartbeat, financial information, schedule, blood pressure, sugar levels, etc. We may eventually see seamless integration using apps and tech that monitor all aspects of our health full time. This would be a cool jump forward in technology allowing us to monitor all of our vitals, track what we eat, and let the app provide a custom workout and diet routine that is tailored specifically to us. “The self-quantification trend will evolve beyond physical health to encompass all aspects of people’s daily lives—including time spent at work,” predicts Ryan Fuller, co-founder and chief executive of VoloMetrix. Imagine being able to say you work too much and have the data to prove it? #VacationDays! This could help us to lead healthier lives by tracking what brings us down, builds us up, makes us feel better, and causes us stress. If you’re paranoid this could also add more data for the government spies to add to our files.. yea.. conspiracy joke.

People also seem to enjoy sharing the weirdest stuff, perhaps in the future we will be able to Instagram our food then post our blood sugar results to Facebook moments apart? Apps will likely work with these technologies to help structure people’s lifestyle around the data collected from themselves and their friends. Imagine inputting you’re going for pizza and wings with your coworkers on Thursday and having an app try to coordinate your diet and lifestyle to counter the bonus calories gained? Awesome!


A quick conclusion

Hopefully this article opened your eyes a bit to the possibilities of the future. I may not have drilled apps in the post like I usually do however I feel it is clear to see how apps will integrate with all of these cool new technologies.

Will we still have cell phones? Who knows? Will we still have conventional, downloadable apps? Not sure. However for the foreseeable future, the market is still strong and apps aren’t going anywhere… only changing.

I’ve got a next level idea.. can you guys handle it?

You bet we can! Check out the Contact Section of the blog and set up an appointment with us to chat about it. We are always looking to push the boundaries of what your app can do and we will do whatever it takes to make sure whatever your app vision is becomes a virtual reality! (pun intended)