Software Developer in Calgary – The Differences Between an App Developer and a Software Developer

We get asked all the time, what is the difference between a “software developer” and you guys… in short, the answer is nothing. Check out the comparison of a Calgary Software Developer compared to a Calgary App Developer as told by our Calgary Development team:

To answer the question bluntly, there isn’t much of a difference between a Calgary App Developer, and a Calgary Software Developer. It’s pretty much like comparing a square and a rectangle, all applications are software, but not all software are applications! So what is the difference?


A huge point for application software is that it is executable. That means that an application is built with the sole purpose of performing a single task or tasks as it is built by the developer. If the software built is not executable in any way to its tasks, it is not considered an application. The biggest point to remember between application developers and software developers is the type of software they are building, if it is not executable, then they are not an application developer. It’s important to note that although all applications are executable, software can also be executable as well. Certain software’s will require the user to take action from time to time. An example is DOS OS which requires multiple interactions from a user yet is still considered a software.

Operating System

Another point of interest is that applications are limited what operating system they are built for. In the case of Calgary mobile application developers, the main systems we build for are Apple and Android. These two operating system’s applications will never cross paths directly as both have to be built for their unique system of operation. Software on the other hand may or may not work cross platform, but is always considered software… not an application of software.

User Interaction

Applications will also require some sort of user interaction as well. Even the slickest antivirus will require the odd interaction from the user regarding threats and how best to deal with them. In contrast, many people have no idea about the background running BIOS and device drivers despite their huge importance to your operating system.

I’m Still a Bit Confused.. What Are the Main Differences Between App Developers and Software Developers?

Fair enough, it can be a bit tricky to understand at first. So here is a bit of a summary.. Calgary App Developers tend to focus more on user experience, design, and extra features built to specifically entertain the user. Calgary Software Developers have a specific goal that requires the right codes to make sure standards of quality are met. Calgary App Development teams also have to be extremely careful with what they put into their apps, as aesthetics, picture quality, and presentation are huge factors in how they build custom software for a small display.

There’s Other Similarities Right?

Definitely! As mentioned earlier, both are equally as qualified to handle the same jobs. Some developers just have different specializations. Here are a few of the similarities:

  • high-level of programming and technical skills;
  • creativity and quick problem-solving skills;
  • analytical and logical thinking;
  • numerical and math skills;
  • ability to work under pressure;
  • attention to detail.


So what’s really the point here? The point is that you shouldn’t be paying unnecessary dollars to have software made for your company when a Calgary App Development team is more than qualified to handle any needs you may have. If you’re interested in discussing how our team can help your organization’s needs, visit the Contact section of our website. Our Calgary App Development team would love to chat how we can turn your app idea into a reality. At Vog Calgary App Developer, we build more than apps, we build businesses.