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Top Eight Back to School Apps

Yeah… It’s about that time of year again. Summer is winding down which means it’s time to sharpen your textbooks and open your pencils… or something like that. If you are in grade school, college, or university, there are tons of apps out there you can get your hands on that will help you out with your school year, and take it from me, anything made easier when it comes to school is an incredible blessing. Let’s get into it, this is our Top Eight Back to School Apps as made by our Calgary mobile app developer team:


1. Dictionary

Back in my day you only had a limited amount of dictionaries that had to be spread out among the class, so obtaining one could take a long time. Nowadays the popular has released an app that allows us to look up word definitions in seconds, without having to wait or share with our class. You can also use it’s built in thesaurus when you find yourself using the same word too often, and hey, who doesn’t enjoy the word of the day?


2. Wikipedia

If you say you’ve never used Wikipedia then they’re probably lying. Wikipedia’s app gives you access to over 32 million high speed articles in over 280 different languages. You can also share articles on social media to your friends or group mates for research/studying purposes, as well as save articles for offline use.


3. Dropbox

For those who don’t know what Dropbox is, Dropbox is a program that allows us to upload files to a cloud that we can share with people and access anywhere, including our smart phones. This app can be a game changer for sharing files, research for class projects, or giving you a safe space to upload your homework so you never lose it… again.


4. iTunes U

Looking for general content on… anything? iTunes U may be the app for you! This app is exclusive to Apple users (sorry Android) and features over 750,000 books, lectures, videos, and articles suitable for whatever you need to study. This app is compiled from professionals all over the world including leading schools and universities such as Stanford Yale, and more!


5. Amount

Ever wondered how many feet are in a kilogram? Or been stuck trying to remember how many subway sandwiches can fit in 50 yards? No? Fine then.. But seriously if you have ever wondered about quick unit conversion apps out there then we do honestly recommend giving Amount a try. Now before we give a quick summary on Amount, it’s worth noting there are likely 100’s of unit conversion apps out there and there is no “one app” that is the right answer. Amount features a very clean UI (user interface) and is loaded with tons of function. This app showcases over 500 different conversion units, a history log, 30 different categories (such as energy and distance), and is all available through customized lists. If Amount doesn’t appeal to you, then consider getting a different conversion app for quick conversion problems.


6. Khan Academy

Just about every teacher has likely seen/used Khan Academy, however if your teacher does not use it, there’s no reason you need to follow suit. Khan Academy provides over 4,000 downloadable videos on everything from K-12 in just about every subject you study and more. It also features a unique achievement systems where you unlock achievements and track progress based on videos watched.


7. TED

For the post-secondary students, TED might be an app more your style. The video library, housing  1,700 videos introduces you to intriguing ideas and incredible presentations from educators, presenters, music legends, tech geniuses, and business moguls from all around the world. This app could have the multi functional use of both teaching you relevant information from industry giants, or provide cases for you or your group to study for projects. Whether it be the content of the presentation or the presenter speaking, I have personally always been a fan of the TED Talks and find them incredibly thought provoking and inspiring.


8. Flashcards+

Again, this does not necessarily need to be Flashcards+ specifically as there are many apps out there that do roughly the same thing as far as flashcards go. Flashcards have been a long time favorite of students for their ease and usefulness in studying habits and Flashcards+ brings that same practicality to your electronic device. You can make and customize your own flashcards quickly or use premade flashcards if you find them relevant to what you are studying. Doing flashcards electronically can save a lot of time from actually making them and let you put more time into studying them!

Good luck at school everyone! If you have another back to school app idea and want to chat about it, visit the Contact Us page to book an appointment with the best Calgary App Developer!