Top 5 Apps of Christmas 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and with all the gadgets and gizmos your family and friends are wanting should you not take advantage of the technology you have at your disposal?

Ah Christmas, the most joyous time of year, the season for spending time with family and friends and spreading joy and cheer to all!… Or a time for cold winters, long mall lineups and spending time with THAT uncle.

There are two types of people..

At any rate, the facts are it’s Christmas and there are plenty of cool and handy ways to make your Christmas a little more organized, easier, and funner(?). There’s always lots of good work, joy, and excitement around the office of the best Calgary iOS Developer and Calgary Android Developer. Let’s check out a few of our favorite apps that will add some cheer to your mobile device!

The Christmas List

Sorry Android users, this ones an iOS exclusive only (Although I’m certain there are other apps out there just like it). The Christmas list is an app designed to take away that headache from all of your holiday shopping. it includes budgeting per person, categorized shopping list, gift status tracking, and more! This handy little app buddy can be an unbelievable help in organization, leaving your mind free to handle whatever else Christmas throws your way.

Elf Yourself

It’s 2009 all over again. Elf yourself is a popular website that allows users to upload photos of themselves, friends, family, and pets which are pasted onto the faces of dancing and singing elves to a variety of Christmas music.. and yes, it’s now available for your phone. You can upload up to 5 pictures and purchase different song themes through in app purchases. Elf yourself is always a fantastic laugh over the holiday season.

Perfect Christmas Dinner

If you’re an awful cook like me then you’ll appreciate an app called Perfect Christmas Dinner. The app showcases top chefs from Ashburton Cookery School (one of the UK’s leading culinary institutes) preparing a step by step guide to creating a turkey dinner at home. The video lessons are broken into 25 easy parts and the app itself comes with a grocery menu so you’ll know what to buy even before you start.

Advent Calendars

There are a TON of advent calendar apps out there! Even on your smartphone. I’m not going to name just one specifically because certain calendars may appeal to certain people. Advent App allows users to create their own calendars with inspirational messages, images, gifs, etc. They can then share these custom made calendars to their friends. XT3 Advent Calendar is a more traditional calendar that opens a new Bible scripture every day. Musical Advent Calendar is a classical music themed advent calendar that unlocks a new type of classical Christmas piece every day. Advent 2016 does not contain chocolate, but contains family friendly mini games behind every door. These are just a few of the calendars available at the push of a button, so if you haven’t already, grab one now!

Christmas Tracker

There’s a few different types of Christmas trackers out there. One in particular that caught my eye was the Google Santa Tracker. It provides family friendly mini games leading up to the big day and then a tracker showing where exactly Santa is all around the world on Christmas Eve. Think of this one like a hub of family friendly Christmas awesomeness! There’s also the NORAD Christmas Tracker which is probably one of the more popular Santa trackers, that shows real time tracking of where Santa is on Christmas Eve. With the amount of Christmas Eve trackers, you only have yourself to blame for not knowing where Santa is on Christmas Eve!

A Final Thought

As we head into the season of Christmas, remember that it can be a stressful time for some. If some of your stress comes from problems an app could fix, save yourself the headache and get the app. Ultimately, you’ll be glad you did. If you have an app idea that the best Calgary iOS Development team and Calgary Android Development team can create for you, then please visit the Contact section of our website. Christmas themed or not, we would love to help you create the app you’ve always wanted (unlike that horse you asked for back when you were 8). Whether you got an app idea from under the tree, or need some help creating your idea along the way, our team would love to sit down with you and help you create something amazing.

Merry Christmas from all of us here at VOG Calgary App Developer!