The 6 Coolest Apps for Stress Relief

Got a lot of stress in your life? There might be an app for that! There’s almost no limits to what technology can achieve and stress is no different. Here are a few quick and easy ways to combat stress using nothing more than your smart phone and the willingness to try:

There are so many factors that can come into play when it comes to your stress level. It could be your job, something to do with your family, finances, or really anything that is a source of importance in your life that causes you worry. Now I’m not a psychologist or your doctor and I can’t make any solid advice on what is going to help you fight your stress personally. However, I can tell you there is a few really cool apps out there that might be just what you’re looking for. Here is our top list of the 6 coolest stress apps out there put together by some of the best Calgary Mobile App Developers:



This app is actually a pretty cool idea. The point of it is to track your daily routine via audio or writing and see what it is you do throughout the day compared to when you get stressed. The app then analyzes when you’re stressed compared to what you did during the day and works to identify what activities, food, sleep patterns, and anything else that may be the common factor causing your stress. Once your stress trigger has been identified, the app will begin to give you goals and emotional homework to work on. The app is refreshing and surprisingly non-fluffy unlike most other self help apps.


Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is a very simple yet effective app that can be used by the beginner as well as the advanced. The app features basic yoga poses as well as routines suitable for everyone. Yoga has been shown to be effective for certain people when it comes to stress relief. If yoga seems like something that appeals to you and this app does not. I highly encourage you to pursue an app that suits you and helps you feel more relaxed.


Pay it Forward

Sometimes by showing kindness to others it can make a world of difference in your own life. You might recognize an app like this from my blog on charity apps which encourages the user to perform an act of random kindness every day. Every morning the app populates a list of charities who need your help. You pick a charity and donate a small amount to it. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. The concept is super simple, yet effective. Research has shown that small acts of kindness can make people feel happier, so why not make someone else’s day as well as your own?



I’m not going to list a particular app for this one because there are literally SO many meditation apps out there I’m stressed thinking about it (bad joke). However a couple to consider are called Headspace and The Mindfulness App. The meditation apps out there these days can help you find a working technique, provide calming nature and meditation sounds, and help to guide you away from your stress by lowering your heart rate and focusing on the positive things in your life.



Ever wanted to try acupuncture on yourself? Imagine doing that except with less needles. AcuPRESSURE is a self help app that allows you to press on certain pressure points in certain ways that can help you relieve your physical pain and mental stress. Pressing on these pressure points has both physical and mental benefits, including releasing nerve endings, easing tension in your body, and increasing blood flow. It’s completely safe to do and you can only benefit from it. DO NOT acupuncture yourself because the nice man with the blog mentioned it in the first line.


Gratitude Journal

Sometimes just taking the time to be thankful for something can help us realize our problems aren’t as big as we thought they were. Gratitude Journal wants to help remind you of that. Studies show that keeping a gratitude journal can make you more alert, attentive, energetic, and enthusiastic. The app will also prompt you to take a few pictures for some visual reminders should you so choose.

The Bottom Line

Stress sucks, and you shouldn’t have to live with it. If an app is what it takes to help with your stress, then I say give it a try. If you have another idea for how an app could help people out then come have a chat with us! As a Calgary Mobile App Developer, we would love nothing more than to help the world from right here in our beautiful city!