Welcome to The Future: Augmented Reality Applications

You might remember a previous article of mine “What Apps Will Look Like In 2025” (if not you should check it out). This article actually gained a lot of traction through Google’s search engine and it turns out we weren’t too far off. Check out a few of our thoughts on AR App Development from a Calgary App Developer:

The core advantage for business in augmented reality development for smartphones and tablets is that the hardware is available, and the usage is intuitive and understanding.

Sure you could say that it’s not 2025 yet and we won’t know for sure until then. However, due to the fantastic feedback we got as a result, we wanted to take the opportunity to write a little more in detail about why AR is the way of the future, and how it could be something your business benefits from. We believe strongly that Augmented Reality App Development is the way of the future and if you do a bit of homework, you may be inclined to agree. Here are a few benefits of AR to consider for your business:

Mobility and Wearability

You will always likely have your phone on you so why not turn it into one of your best tools? Using your phone as a lens to see the Augmented world, you can create practically limitless applications for your business. In some cases, you may even be able to switch your idea over to the headset side of things (such as Microsoft Hololens) which free’s up both your hands while giving you a more immersive experience. The way technology is going today, you shouldn’t need a bulky computer and hundreds of wires to make AR work for you, and that’s one of the many benefits.

Cutting Edge

You may only be hearing about AR for the first time now and that’s OK. Although the scarcity of AR in industry right now may make you a bit leery to adopt it to your business, it should also be viewed as cutting edge. Consider this, Facebook, CAT, IKEA, NASA, and many other small companies such as these have all invested in creating their own virtual spaces through applications. For example: IKEA is working on an AR Application that would allow you to place their furniture in your home through your phone, and see how you like it before you buy it. By simply dragging and dropping your new digital IKEA couch, you can try it before you buy it all from the comfort of your home. What did IKEA use for this amazing feat? Simply a smartphone, and an AR Developer who had the imagination to make it!

Limitless Potential

The only limit is what you set for yourself. Partnered with the right Calgary Augmented Reality Development team, you could take your business experience to the next level! If you work in commerce, app’s are currently being made for many types of companies that allow you to digitally try on the clothes before you buy them, or digitally place the furniture in your house to see if you like it (as discussed in the previous point). When it comes to manufacturing, factory owners could digitally design prototypes of new projects before putting them into production. Industry owners could even monitor production, digitally assess the health of their machines, and even show different customization options to finished pieces such as changing the colors of a new prototype car! If you work in Education, imagine the limitless opportunities to not only instruct students, but to SHOW them what it is you are teaching. Medical students could now begin learning basic surgical procedures without no risk or fake patient materials required. Astronauts could now begin prepping for their first space missions by displaying all relevant information on AR Applications sent to their helmets.


We get super excited every time we share the possibilities of AR. Hopefully this has inspired you to begin to think about how Augmented Reality could benefit your work place. Should you wish to chat more about how a local Calgary App and Augmented Reality Developer could help your business pursue their own augmented reality needs, visit the Contact section of the website. Our team would love to chat about we can turn your app idea into a reality!