We’ve Moved Offices… Again

I know I know… do these guys ever stop moving around? You’ll be glad to know we haven’t gone far, in fact we are still in the same building. So why exactly did we move again? Here is a fresh PR from the best Calgary App Developers in the city!

Been to our office lately? You probably noticed things were becoming a bit stuffy in there. Although we had a sweet new space we quickly outgrew ourselves faster than we even realized. So what caused the big move?

Growing Team = Growing Needs

If you look at our website, you’ll see that we have a few new faces in our ever growing team. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to our clients needs as they are presented. This meant hiring new developers, project managers, and company representatives for our clients. With all these fresh faces around the office, we quickly outgrew our space.

So Where Did Vog Go?

Right now you’ll still see our branding on our old office while we work to finish planting roots in our new space. But officially we have moved to 101 – 1210 20th Avenue SE. With this new space, we now have the luxury of a closed off boardroom (finally), as well as over 2x the space of our old office. Check out a few pictures of our move, and our sweet new space:

Wrap Up

As fun as it is to brag about our sweet new office, we want to remind our clients that we still have a strong commitment to them, and despite moving on up, we are still the same Vog team! If you’re interested in discussing Calgary app development, or just coming to check out our sweet new space, then feel free to stop by!