Spotlight: Vyoma Mistry – Finding Adventure In Learning

At Vog Calgary App Developer we love to brag about our employees! Our team is what makes up who we are and that’s no secret. On our latest Spotlight, we highlight our project manager Vyoma Mistry who has come a long way to pursue what she loves! Check it out:

I got to chat with our very own project manager Vyoma this week about how she got to where she is, and if she has any advice for aspiring developers like her! Here is the full interview:

How did you come to work here at Vog?

Hello, I am Vyoma! I have a master degree in Computer Applications and have six years of experience in the IT field for development and management. I love to code and also manage projects. I am currently working as a Project Manager with Vog App Developer in Calgary.

I have experience working with product and service based companies. My last job was with a product based company and I found myself not exploring much working on a single product. I like to work on diversity services  offered to lots of different markets and learning experiences. Meanwhile, I was planning to move to Calgary ( So that I am close to the mountains ? ) the best match for my expertise in Calgary was Vog.

Although Vyoma has learned a lot in her many years of experience, it was not without hardships. The technology industry is incredibly competitive, and not keeping up on your skills can be a huge challenge! Vyoma believes that by continually learning new technologies, languages, methods and techniques, you are able to consistently impress and deliver at the workplace.

Is there any sort of challenges you’ve faced in the industry?

The IT and Software Application Development industry is an industry of change and evolution. You need to keep learning. The main challenge is keeping yourself up to date to market expectation and new technologies.

Vyoma’s learning process has paid off huge for Vog Calgary App Developer as a company, her colleagues, and especially for herself. She loves the feeling of being able to learn from her mistakes, and make life a bit easier for the developers she manages!

What’s been the best parts of your job?

The best part of my job is that I keep learning from mistakes and never hesitate to try new things. I love communicating with my team, understanding technical difficulties, learning market requirements and implementing management tools to make life easier for the developers and management.

Although we try our best to keep a positive, stress free, environment, it isn’t without its challenges. Vyoma always tries to take on daily challenges in stride!

What’s been the most challenging parts of your job?

I am fan of Agile software development, mostly Scrum from a different Agile methodology. A development methodology is the process by which an engineering team will build a product. The Agile methodology is an iterative approach to product development, however implementing the concept and following it is a bit difficult. Learning concepts, training team members to follow and manage change requests is the most challenging part.

At our Calgary App Development office, we always do our part to make sure we have efficient strategies and workflows to ensure a speedy app turnaround. A process that should never stop learning, developing, and progressing. Vyoma is at the forefront of such changes and we could not be more happy with how she conducts herself in her workflow, to her team, and to our clients! We are incredibly excited about Vyoma’s future and where she wants to see herself in the next 5 years!

Where do you hope to be in the next 5 years?

I am on my path to improve my management skills to manage projects and my team well. I hope to be a certified project management professional with hands on experience as I continue to improve in mobile app development.

Vyoma may have mastered being an App Developer in Calgary, but she hopes to be just as proficient in leadership. This is one of the reasons Vyoma loves to work here, our workplace motto of “every man for every man” means we work together as a team to constantly delivery high quality software applications to our clients. So why app development? Why did Vyoma choose such a competitive industry to enter? She believes that your work is something you do for 8 hours a day at minimum, so why not enjoy it?

Why did you choose App Development?

Work is something you spend most time of your day doing, so choosing what you like to do was the best thing. I like to do programming and do logical tasks to solve problems. App development gives you new challenges at every stage to solve issues, use your logic and knowledge to overcome obstacles, and keep learning new things. The happiness of creating something that helps people simplify their jobs and lives is one of the best reasons to love app development.

If you’re an aspiring developer yourself, Vyoma has a bit of advice:

Any advice for others looking to pursue app development?

Make your base foundation strong, build your logical skill well and get ready to enjoy a roller coaster ride of learning new things , getting in trouble, and solving critical issues. 


Vyoma is an integral part of our team. She organizes, teaches, and leads the development team through every single project she works on! But don’t take it from me, take it from our Founder and CEO, Vince O’Gorman:

Vyoma’s worth ethic is unmatched, her communication skills are admired, and she continues to deliver her best every day while being a leader and mentor to those around her. She continually brings forward a positive attitude and is always three steps ahead of everyone else. She’s incredibly awesome at bringing concerns forward and we look forward to many years of having her as a leader within our company.

If you’re interested in connecting with Vyoma personally to ask questions about mobile app development in general, you can connect with her on LinkedIn here! If you’re interested in having an app made with Vyoma and our team, visit the Contact section of our website! Vyoma and our team would love to help you turn your mobile app idea into a reality. At Vog, we build more than apps, we build businesses.