Is My Idea Good? – How to Verify Your Potential App Idea

Everybody has an app idea! Although app ideas can be plentiful, what exactly makes an app idea good? Is it a good idea for your particular market? Is there even a market for it? Here’s a few ideas on how you can verify your potential app idea is actually a good idea!

You might think your app idea is good. However, there’s a few questions you need to think about before you begin throwing money into an idea that may or may not pan out. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to take in an outside perspective when you create an idea that’s too good. Perhaps you’ve thought of an idea and you’re just too unsure whether or not people will like it. Whatever stage you’re at with your app idea, it always pays to back up your gut feeling with a bit of research. Here are a few ideas you can use to see what sort of market there is for your potential idea.

Identify and Analyze Existing Apps

When thinking of your idea, try to answer this question: “What problem does my app solve?

When you get down to it your app will solve some sort of problem. Identifying this problem will let you find other apps that are in a similar market as yours. These people will be your competitors (even if their apps are not quite as good as yours). Using a tool like Crunchbase will help you identify if your competitors had contributors that thought their app idea was good. AppTweak will let you see if your competitors are in the top download charts, how consistently they were ranking high, were they featured, etc. Seeing apps make a solid and consistent high ranking is a good thing as it confirms it’s a solid idea. Also be sure to check out LinkedIn to see how many people work for the app. If there are multiple people working for the company, it’s a sign the app is a success and that the app is growing.


Think of minimum 5 keywords that you believe are related to your app or related to the problem your app solves. Try plugging them into a few keyword tools! Your ASO Tool will help you identify the popularity and search volume of your chosen keywords. If the results are high, then that means your idea is valid and people are interested. Google Adwords Keyword Planner is a sure fire way to identify how many searches happen per month for your selected keywords. Google Keyword Planner will also help you to choose specifics such as location, demographics, etc. It can be difficult to evaluate what a successful number of searches is. Try researching what you believe your competitions keywords might be and compare it to your own. New ideas may have specific niches, so don’t be discouraged if the initial keyword searches are low.

Ask Potential Users

This one can be the easiest step you do. Ask your friends and family if they believe your app will succeed. It might be tougher for them to give you an honest answer if it isn’t, so try to ask people who will be honest with you, even if it means tough love. A sure fire group you can ask is through social media such as Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, etc. People willing to provide insight on your idea are always welcome but just make sure you don’t give too many details otherwise you might risk having your idea stolen. Share the “bottom line” of your app, you can create a twitter poll, a forum topic, or just a post for others to comment on depending on which social media outlet you use.


It can be daunting to have your idea evaluated to see if it’s a good idea. However if the idea stands verification and a little research, it’s definitely worth investing in. Another great step is to come in and chat with an app development specialist to see if your idea has any merit in their years of experience. Fortunately for you, we always have a few of them working for the company! Visit the Contact section of the site and we will get to work setting up a time to come meet and discuss your new potential app idea. We all have app ideas, and yours might be the next big one!