The Benefits of Hiring an Agency

So you want to build an app.

The problem you face now is who exactly do you get to build the app? Do you hire your own team of developers to work exclusively for your company? Or do you outsource and pay an agency such as the best Calgary App Development team? If you’re reading this it likely means you’re thinking of outsourcing but may not have made a decision yet. Here’s a few tips of information that will hopefully point you in the right direction.

If you’ve ever had to make a decision about hiring developers for your company or hiring an app agency, you’re not alone. We get many calls from potential clients still completely undecided on how they want their app made let alone which agency will make it. Here’s a few top reasons to hopefully help your decision.

The Team

Agency teams are teams that have been specially put together by the agency owner by their skills, teamwork, and experience. The team will likely have worked with many types of clients creating many different types of apps. This experience and perspective can be a huge asset to any ideas or features for your app. An agency will also have connections or its own in house team to cover all aspects of your app including graphic design, marketing, and team leads. At VOG Calgary App Developer, we are able to provide a solid team that can offer the entire package to make your app’s development as smooth as possible. You will be able to sit down and shake hands with each member of our team along the whole process putting a face to the name and eliminating the “guessing game” of who is doing what for your app.


When it comes to quality you should never have to worry about an agency’s work. An agency stakes their reputation on the quality of their work. If their work is not good, the agency’s reviews and business will both be poor. A little known fact is that most agencies get their business from referrals. So that means someone else is staking their reputation to refer an agency to their friend or colleague. The bottom line.. if the agency does not deliver, they will lose their reputation, which ensures you get a high quality project. Why not check out our Portfolio to see a few of our satisfied clients! You should be able to phone any of the clients of an app agency and hopefully hear nothing but good news.


It can be extremely difficult to evaluate a newly hired, in house team in terms of cost and hours. The inexperienced team may not have the time and knowledge working with your company or each other. The cost may not be what was initially quoted. An experienced agency team may also be less expensive in the long run due to their experience. It’s important that you ask your developer about previous experience both in and out of the company to put your mind at ease as you consider who will develop your app.


The great thing about an agency is that every update or fix that needs to be made can be paid to the agency as you deem necessary. Hiring in house developers will still require pay and may cost you more money if work becomes sporadic. You can pay the agency to maintain your project here and there as they will likely have other clients to keep them busy.


Hopefully we have been able to bring up a few points to consider. When hiring any Calgary App Developer, make sure you do your research. There are many great development agencies out there that can do a great job for you and bring your app to life. If you’re wanting to contact a great agency with the best team, visit the Contact section of the site. We would love to sit down with you and discuss how we can bring our best foot forward on your app idea!