The Best Calgary Mobile and Marketing Meet Ups

Did you know there are entire clubs and conferences around the art of mobile and marketing? Did you know that you can drop in regardless of how knowledgeable you are about the topic? Here are a few of our suggestions if you’re looking to get a bit more acquainted:

Calgary is home to many talented and hard working people with lots of good knowledge and experience to share. Of course we have many of those individuals working for us right here as the best Android and iOS Developers in Calgary – VOG Calgary App Developer. One of the secrets of our success lie in our ability for good teamwork. We understand that one person can’t have all the answers but many minds can make better work. If you read the title of this blog you’ll likely know where this is going… events where you can meet up with many of Calgary’s best and brightest to learn and discuss. Calgary has many events that offer the opportunity to join a community of developers, designers, and marketers, regardless of your skill level. Here are a few events that may capture your interest:


Pixels and Pints

Pixels and Pints is actually one of Calgary’s more commonly known meetups. I knew of Pixels and Pints since my first year of college and it’s showing no time of stopping any time soon. The purpose of Pixels and Pints is for everyone to come together such as graphic designers, web developers, mobile coders, business marketers, etc to talk shop in a relaxing setting. There is no set topics, agenda, or presentations, just some good folks, good conversation, and a good pint. The event is open for all and you can check them out on social media for more information.



Every once in a while the MeetnGeek community will meet up to discuss some sort of rising technology. They have been meeting up with the ChicGeek community which is primarily geared towards women but is definitely willing to have anyone come to meetups such as this. The purpose is to connect with other like minded women and discuss technology and entrepreneurship. Keep an eye on MeetnGeek to make another event coming up soon, it will be a worthwhile experience.



EventBrite is a website that lets you discover conferences coming to your area. Simply choose your location, what you’re looking for, and your preferred dates, and then instantly view what events are coming to your area. Bring your coworkers, learn new skills, and maybe make a friend or two. This site is geared more towards large conferences than just small meet ups but if this is your cup of tea then I highly encourage you to check it out!


MeetUp is a site used for meeting up in smaller groups and going out for drinks to discuss certain topics. Some weeks you may discuss new coding languages, other weeks you might discuss new iOS updates. It helps give the conversation a lot more structure and keeps people coming back for the next topic. As you get more comfortable, you can even create meetups to find other like minded people to enjoy conversation with. A fantastic idea that I hope will gain more attention in the future.

A Final Thought

I hope this has given you a good idea of some of the cool things happening around the city. I recognize there are likely so many other fantastic gatherings of industry professionals which is why I would encourage you to explore your passion and do a bit of digging. Find a meetup in your specific niche and get involved! Who knows who you will meet.

Whether you have an app idea about meetups or something else entirely we would love to help you out. Visit the Contact section of the site and we will get to work making an appointment to chat. When it comes to Android and iOS Development, you won’t meet anyone better!