The Most Innovative Cannabis/Marijuana Apps in the App Store

Our previous article on the current situation of marijuana and cannabis applications in the app stores have prompted us to write about a few of the interesting apps that were found in the cannabis category. Check out some of the innovative apps people are putting forward, and how you could potentially build on that idea as told by our Calgary App Development team!

The sad fact is that although there are quite a few apps on the app store under the marijuana/cannabis category, a lot of them are ugly, buggy, or are simply useless. So what does it take to have a good app on the app store? A good place to start is having a good application that actually works. But let’s take a look at a few of the cool apps already out there as told by our Calgary App Development team.


Imagine Tamagotchi’s except with Cannabis plants! The app allows you to pick what strain you want to grow, what lamp you use, the pH,  nutrients, and a whole lot more. You are tasked with caring for the plants and will be rewarded with a rich harvest if you succeed. For extra costs, you can unlock advanced growing equipment, different strains, etc. The app’s realism allows you to learn the basics of growing virtually before trying your hand at the real thing (pending legalization of course). The app costs $1.99 and is available on iOS only which I believe is where it falls short. Charging for the app on top of having in app purchases is too much, especially as apps are now adopting a free base version. This sort of game could also pair well with the latest in rising AR trends.


WeedMaps was one of the pioneers of cannabis based apps hitting the app store. Started back in 2008, WeedMaps has become a titan of an application with over a million downloads. WeedMaps solved a simple question, “where can I buy marijuana (legally)?” The app on first load, prompts a user to share their location, after that, they are shown a map showing where they can purchase cannabis and cannabis based medicines closest to them including dispensaries, doctors, and delivery services. You can also filter your search by brand, location, product, and a lot more. The app also has a channel offering free advice, offers, specials, information, and more on WeedMaps TV. This app is currently free on the app stores on both platform. Although this app is incredibly popular, it needs more solid competition to keep driving it. If you look at the app as a whole, there is nothing overly complicated or crazy about it, but it still remains one of the giants in the weed industry. How could you change it? That depends who you are as a business/entrepreneur and there have been a lot of great ideas shared that we hope get implemented soon. Talk with your Calgary App Developer about how you can implement the full functionality of your mobile device to be put to use to make a solid app!


Wondering about a certain strain of cannabis and what people are saying about it? Turns out you might not be alone! With over one million downloads, Leafly looks to be one of the more popular cannabis review applications on the market. Patients, recreational users, and growers all regularly leave reviews of strains, dispensaries, etc and often leave a lot of great information such as growing conditions, medical applications, and so on. Leafly has also grown itself to be an all in one cannabis hub posting the latest in cannabis news, reports, event coverage, and much more. Leafly is free for iOS and Android.


There are a ton of great app ideas out there that didn’t make our list. High There is an app that lets marijuana enthusiasts meet. My Canary was an app idea that would test the sobriety of a cannabis user. There are so many people with great app ideas yet to be explored in this category! If you’re one of them, visit the Contact section of our website. Our Calgary App Development team would love to chat about how we can turn your app idea into a reality. At Vog we build more than apps, we build businesses.