Apple Event 2016 Review

The whole world waited for the Apple Event of 2016. The time when the latest and greatest in innovative Apple technology would be revealed in hopes of trumping Android (not too difficult when the batteries are exploding in the Note 7’s). Regardless of what you think of Apple it is no small spectacle a conference is held to announce literally anything. Let’s take a look at some of the new announcements as well as our Calgary mobile app developer impressions of them:

the back of the iphone 7 plus

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Apple announced the newest line of iPhone as well as the larger “Plus” version. There was nothing outrageously different about the outward design as a whole, still modelling it’s sleek and rounded design similar to previous models. In terms of hardware Apple boasts a 40% faster phone function and a battery that lasts two hours longer which is good news if you use your phone frequently or have energy consuming apps (like Pokemon Go) being used often. The phones are water resistant, have stereo speakers, and have upgraded cameras. In the case of the plus there are two 12 MP cameras on the back for better wide angle shots as well as enhanced zoom. The new base model now starts at 32 GB meaning storage has been upgraded (yay!). Of course a new iOS will be introduced which will most likely leave a bad impression as most people tend to hate iOS. It’s a tough thing to critique, some people who are die hard Apple fans will not see anything wrong with anything revealed today. While other people may have been disappointed as I was by the Apple Event. I personally believe there was far more that could have been done just by listening to the customers. I have read and seen so many articles with real, feasible ideas that could turn Apple back into the giant it used to be all those years ago (not to say it isn’t big now). There were a lot of mixed reviews regarding the reveals and capabilities of the phone so for now I will just say there are some things that were great, and others things that could have been done better.

the new wireless ear buds called apple air pods

Apple Air Pods

The debut of Air Pods means saying goodbye to the headphone jack and hello to misplacing and losing tiny wireless ear buds which will cost $159. The ear buds function by Bluetooth allowing them to deliver a seamless music experience without the mess and entanglement of cords. This is a bold move by Apple, and one that will of course be met with resistance and even criticism. The reason for that is because a lot of people hate change as Apple seems to believe this is a “push” to the future. Apple users  were likely specifically disappointed as they were likely hoping to use their own earbuds to listen to music. This is also the case for whenever a newer iOS  is released, most people tend to initially hate it because of the changes it delivers to what the user had become comfortable with. Our thoughts to this piece of tech is that it may be inconvenient and sudden for most people in terms of change, but it will ultimately be a right step towards where a wireless technology world. A better way would have been to introduce the next phone with the capabilities of both a headphone jack as well as given the new Air Pods as a way or slowly introducing the populace to this technology as well as giving other companies the chance to manufacture their own more affordable models. Nonetheless this is the way Apple has chosen to do things so we will see what happens.

Apple series 2 watch

Apple Watch Series

For the 10 people who still wear watches Apple is debuting a new Apple Watch called the Series 2. It is 50% faster than its predecessor and houses a new GPU for better and faster processing. The screen itself is twice as bright and the built in GPS allows wearers to walk run and hike without the need to bring along their phones (if you can break that habit). If you aren’t wowed by all of this but would still like the Series 1 Apple watch you can still purchase it as it now comes with an updated dual core processor.

nintendo and apple logo together

A Surprising Partnership

This may not have been a surprise is you have listened to the rumors but to those of us who waited for the reveal, Apple has teamed up with Nintendo to make a few neat things for your mobile experience. If you buy an Apple Watch you can now use it to play Pokemon Go which is good news to your phone batteries. Mario is also making his first appearance in mobile gaming and will be exclusive to iOS. I personally don’t believe that will stay that way forever. There are just too many people interested and too much profit to be gained by not turning to the android market as well. There is already rumors regarding this very controversy but I suppose time will tell whether or not we all get to enjoy Nintendo games on our phones.

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