The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for App Ideas

The problem that separates the average person from becoming a mobile app sensation is the lack of ideas. The problem with the app market to put it bluntly is that it is extremely saturated which has its own ups and downs. On one hand a saturated market is good because it expresses a strong demand for that particular industry, and on the other hand it can be extremely difficult to enter such a competitive market and benefit from it.

So the defining question of it all is “how can I come up with a successful app idea?” Besides visiting the best app development company in Calgary – VOG Calgary Mobile App Developer, here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Solve a Problem

This is probably the most important point of them all. At VOG Calgary Apps we DO NOT make apps. We make solutions to problems big and small. Stop and think about a couple examples:

Candy Crush

The problem? Plain and simply: Boredom. Candy Crush is a game that works to solve issues with boredom and help the time pass by making a fun and interactive “Tetris” style game. It’s literally that simple.


The problem: How do we make sending pictures more fun? Snapchat tackled this by making picture sending more diverse, faster, and far more interactive than conventional picture texting.

Do you see it? Solving a problem starts with asking the right question, and whether it’s a big or small problem, you can find success if you believe you are not alone.

2. Practical or Fun


When making apps you can generally group them into two categories of practical or fun, just like Christmas shopping. If you choose fun, create something simple yet rewarding. For example, in Pokemon Go you walk a distance to hatch eggs, this creates the feeling that a normal every day task has a fun and engaging purpose. There are many apps out there that take simple ideas and menial tasks to create something fun, rewarding, engaging, and even addictive (in the fun way). Also remember that people WILL pay a couple bucks to be entertained for a few hours rather than sit idly at the train or airport doing nothing.


If you take one thing away from the practical app side take this: People love things that will save them time. It’s the same drive that draws people to fast cars, internet, food, computers, and apps! Brainstorm what takes up the most time during your day, ask yourself the right question, and come up with a solution, who knows, you may have the next big app on your hands.

Remember that there is nothing wrong with being practical AND fun

an image of a woman thinking with a thought bubble above her head

3. Do it Better

Have you ever used an app that is buggy, slow, poorly designed, or could just be better? Sometimes your own ideas stem from the ideas of others and building a better app is no different. Say you use a poorly made app to calculate how many yards are in a kilometer, there is nothing wrong with making an app that does calculations of distance AND weight too. My teacher used to say “you can steal ideas, just be careful to never steal content,” and as long as that idea is not a huge franchise like Pokemon or Transformers, there is no reason not to let your idea be an improvement on someone else’s.

4. Recognize a bad idea – Don’t reinvent the wheel

Let me explain what I mean, Have you ever heard of Facebook? Of course you have. Have you ever heard of Google +? Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t. Did you know Google initiated Google + as a means of competing with Facebook and even being a replacement to it? It seems silly to think about now but reinventing the wheel is exactly what Google attempted to do. Be mindful of feedback and embrace the limitations of technology around you. Keep your results realistic, simple, and remember to keep the problem your idea will solve in mind.

Got a Great Idea?

We are confident great ideas will come to those truly passionate about entering the mobile app industry. If you already have an idea and want to get started on building it then our Calgary app development team would love to sit down with you and help point you in the right direction. Visit the Contact Us section of our website and let’s make something great together!