The Importance of Mobile App Videos: Part 2

Our last post focused on the advantages of adding video to your mobile app and how it can increase user engagement and retention, along with many other perks. In this second post, our Calgary app developers want to share some of the many ways you can actually incorporate video to your mobile application to enhance your brand, drive your sales upwards and create loyalty within your consumer base.

There are so many ways to include videos into your mobile app, like using video to welcome new users or to give a tutorial on a certain new feature that recently been added. Being able to reach out to your users and interact with them through video content allows a whole new level of tailored marketing. The key is to make the addition of video seamless within your mobile app which means it needs to do one of two things: promote a product or service, or solve a problem for your users.

Where Do I Start?

As with any project, you must start with a concise plan of action. When it comes to creating video content, there are a few things to consider before you actually start, like what will be the main focus of the video? Are you promoting a new product to your customers? Are you creating a Q&A video? Tutorial? To streamline all of your time, budget and production requirements, you need to create a plan:

  • Create an outline of the content you want to include
  • Write and edit a script; refine the script until you are pleased with the message
  • Map out or storyboard the entirety of the video; include visuals and text if need be
  • If you are creating the content yourself, make sure to allow for ample time to shoot the video
  • If you are hiring a professional, make sure you have all materials ready to go they require from you
  • Edit and format the video; test this version among your focus group(s)
  • Rework any aspects of the video that did not perform highly in testing
  • Go live by adding your video to your mobile platform!

Where Can I Use Video Content Effectively In My App?

Some examples of mobile apps that utilized video content to further their success are ones like Home Depot, who has used video to showcase products in their mobile app, and they have the same videos alongside the products in their stores. This gives customers the instant satisfaction of answering questions exactly when they need the information – almost like talking to an employee anytime they need to. Other apps, such as exercise apps, incorporate video to users with paid subscriptions from daily workouts to recipes, sometimes outlining critical steps or safety awareness to complete the right form for certain exercises. Even dating apps are jumping on the video train, with certain apps allowing people to add a short video instead of a static image for their profiles, this opens up a whole new level of personification to an otherwise dated approach at personal interactions.


Video length can be an important factor in your consumers’ eyes. Grabbing their attention within the first 15-20 seconds is crucial. For more complex ideas, why not consider breaking up longer videos into different segments, 30-60 seconds each. That way, you can accomplish a few things, creating powerful messages or tutorials, leaving your viewers wanting more, waiting for the next installment or tutorial you have to offer. Do you have an app idea, or have questions about adding video content to your mobile app? Our Calgary app development team strives to share our knowledge and answer any questions you may have. If you’re interested in discussing further, visit the Contact section of our website we would love to chat about how we can assist you and your business with mobile applications and custom software. At Vog we build more than apps, we build businesses.