The Best Ways to Enjoy the Season of Fall

Indeed the season of fall is upon us now. It’s time to trade out swimwear and sunscreen for something a bit warmer. If you’re like most people you may feel like the fun that comes with summer is coming to an end but I don’t believe that needs to be the case. At VOG Calgary App Developer we believe there is a lot of fun to be had this fall season, especially paired with the right apps. Let’s take a closer look at a few fall activities and how they can be made better with a bit of tech.

Back to School

Ugh, words no kid wants to hear (or adults for that matter). However, going back to school does present a few cool opportunities for you and your phone. As the video mentions, field trips can be made better and more fun with a few apps at your side. Consider downloading a field trip app for more information on your destination, or even a map app that gives cool facts for your trip! As mentioned in a previous post there are also a ton of apps out there you can use to enhance your classroom learning and have fun while doing it.

A football field picture taken overhead


Since VOG Calgary App Developer is the best mobile developer in Alberta… GO STAMPS GO (sorry Edmonton). Seriously though, there are a ton of apps out there that can make the big game just that much better. The video above mentions FanCred which lets you post and share your favorite moments with other like minded sports fans! However, since there are literally millions of apps out there you can have your pick as to which sports related app suits you. Some sports teams also have their own apps allowing you to keep up with the latest news, scores, and dates for the next big game. Grab the right app today and never miss a moment of the action!

A person taking a picture at a concert with their smartphone


Perhaps you won’t attend as many outdoor concerts as you would in the summer, but I can guarantee if you’re an avid concert goer, you’ll attend more concerts in the fall than the winter. When it comes to bands and music you will not find any shortage of apps to pair with whatever musical taste you have. You can find band specific apps created by bands and fans as well as ticket apps that will alert you to events and performers coming to your area. I’m also sure common apps such as Instagram and Snapchat will be used frequently for this as every time one of my friends goes to a concert, I get loud distorted noises via Snapchat of music that is way too loud for the phones to pick up… anyway… enjoy your concerts and never miss a moment of your favorite performers with the right partner app this fall.

A picture of pumpkins painted for halloween


What’s the biggest worry of Halloween for everyone no matter who you are? What costume am I going to where right? Well perhaps a complete stranger somewhere around the world can help you with that. There are literally a TON of apps centered around finding and creating the perfect Halloween costume. There are tons of small apps but a well known one that can help with things like this is called Pinterest. I have seen some unbelievable creations come from Pinterest in both Halloween costume ideas and… basically anything you can think of actually. People from all over the word will share their pictures, instructions, ideas, inspirations, etc all to help others come up with that perfect costume for your Halloween. Try out an app for your next costume idea, believe me, your friends will thank you. 🙂

A Final Thought

I say again, just because summer is over does not mean the fun has to be. There is lots to do no matter what the season. Stay positive, try something new, and who knows you may even like it. If you do find something you like and have an app idea that could make it better, come chat with us, our team of Calgary app developers would love to hear your ideas and who knows, you might have the next big thing on your hands!