Top Industries Who Should Own an App Part 2

Are you a business owner who’s never thought of an app as an effective tool for your marketing efforts? Are you someone involved in an industry who thinks apps are pretty cool but you could never use one for what you do.. then have we got an article for you! Check out a few industries we think should be getting involved in the app game!

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Do you provide goods/services to other people? Do you deal with customers and clients on a regular basis? Then you should get a mobile app! Sure, it might be easy for us to say since we would love to be the ones to make you an app, but we get calls on a daily basis curious as to how an app may benefit their business. As Calgary’s best Mobile App Developer, we are more than happy to provide our recommendations and share them with you! Here is our continued list of a few types of surprising businesses that we believe strongly benefit from an app:


Are you a student? When was the last time you checked your phone? You might even be reading this article on your phone. Perhaps you have kids who can’t seem to keep their eyes off of their phone. Why not put this to good use? I wrote a previous article on this you can check out here. An app that allows you to submit homework directly to the teacher’s inbox and have it be marked almost instantly would go a long way in furthering the student’s education, and improve turnaround time and ease of access for the teacher. Utilizing an app would also allow the teacher to distribute resources, make a clear agenda, and assign homework in case you missed a day. Unfortunately, this would eliminate any excuse such as “the dog ate my homework.”

Real Estate

Although Real Estate apps are becoming a lot more mainstream nowadays, it’s important to make sure you have worthwhile functionality. There are necessities you need on your real estate app such as listings and realtor info, but adding features like streamlined buyer/seller communication, and faster turnaround of paperwork, can go a long way to making the app a worthwhile download. Most realtors these days either have their own app or are associated with a company app. By not exploring an app for your real estate business, you risk falling behind the competition.


Although entertainment is a very vague app genre, there are quite a few businesses in the entertainment industry I believe could benefit from an app. Consider this, Cineplex created an app called Timeplay, which allows you to play games on your phone which could win you free movies during the pre show. This allows everyone to have fun on their phone, provide value to the user, then effectively communicates to shut your phone off before the movie. This is one of my favorite apps in the entertainment industry. Creating an app for your business that provides value to your users can add to the entertainment value, and show off a modern edge in your business.


I still remember when online banking first came out. It wasn’t too much longer afterwards when banks released a mobile app to partner with mobile banking. Today, most financial information can be found online and integrating it to your mobile phone has never been easier. Customers can now be reached in innovative ways such as instant transactions and real time market information which allows us to display and trade financial information instantly. Money and information are traded on a daily basis, if your business is in that sector, why wouldn’t you consider tapping into this?


Although we aren’t experts on every industry, we are experts on apps. Partnered with the right industry professional, we believe we can make an app that will be perfect for your industry. Hopefully these articles have piqued your curiosity as to how our Calgary mobile app development team could help your business with an app. If you are interested in making an app for your business but don’t know where to start, visit the Contact section of the site. Our team would love to chat with you as to how we can help your business enter the app market.