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Cheap or Free Charity Apps You Need Right Now

Would it surprise you to learn there is likely an app for everything out there? A lot of people tend to not even associate apps with being charitable due to the constant harassment of ads and offers popping up in their face in every app we download. We at VOG Calgary Apps – The best Calgary mobile app developers – believe there are a lot of good apps and app ideas out there that can benefit others in the world. So here is our top charity apps you can download to add a bit of good karma to your life:

I love this article. Being able to put some sort of spotlight to apps that are trying to make a positive difference in the world is fantastic. The best part is that not all these apps require money to donate, some just require action. not sure what I mean by action? Well if you have ever heard of a site called, you can actually send rice over to other countries just by answering simple questions you likely learned in school. What a genius idea! Anyway, let’s get into it.

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Charity Tap

Think I mentioned by accident? Think again. Charity tap takes the same concept of donating rice but instead of answering questions to get rice, you tap the screen. Each tap is one grain of rice donated to someone in need. There’s also analytics for taps/second as well as an achievement system for those a bit more competitive. Literally, this is an app that donates food to starving people by just having you tap your screen. How many times do you tap your screen a day as it is? Only now you can do it for charity. 🙂

Charity Miles Logo

Charity Miles

Pretty much the same concept as Charity Tap except for more of the athletic crowd. Charity Miles will donate money to those in need depending on the distance you travel and how you go about getting there. Simply pick your charitable organization, and you will donate 10 cents per mile for bikers and 25 cents a mile for runners. Raise money for a family in need by walking to work instead of taking the car. Or go for a bike ride in the evening instead of watching TV. The possibilities are endless and it’s a great way to encourage you to get in shape!


I Can Go Without

This one does and does not require money, all at the same time. Pick something you buy often, be it coffee, a bagel, the newspaper, vanilla scented candles, whatever it is you buy frequently, and choose instead to skip that day and donate the money to a charity of your choice. The concept is simple, why not break a bad habit such as buying cigarettes everyday, or alcohol every weekend, and choose instead to donate that money. You were going to spend it anyway, so why not spend it on something more worthwhile. If you have no bad habits to break and just enjoy your morning coffee, this can also be a fantastic alternative. It might not have the same “wake you up” effect coffee does, but it can still be a very enjoyable way to start your day knowing you helped someone in need.

donate a photo logo

Donate a Photo

What? Yea, it really is a thing. Johnson and Johnson will donate $1 every time you submit a photo, (max 1/day), to a charity of your choice. Just download the app, connect your social media account (if you want), and start sending your photo donations in. Each charity available has an in depth information page as well as info on how exactly your money is distributed. Make your selfie game that much stronger and help some folks out!

one today logo

One Today

This one is kinda like Tinder for charities. You are presented with a charity or cause, and if you support it, you will donate $1(or more). You can do this once per day if you want, or donate to a ton of charities as you are presented with new options every day. There are causes like animal conservation, wetland habitat projects, and surgical procedures which all need your $1. You can also connect to social media and see what your friends are donating to and match their donations! This app is pretty cool because it provides ease and convenience with good charities and everything is tax deductible.

A Final Thought

There are lots of apps out there that support different charities. We liked these apps because of their variety in how you go about supporting charity through your phone. However there is no “right app” or “wrong app” when it comes to being generous. Please find an app you feel comfortable using and start donating today, you’ll feel glad you did.

I have a great app idea no charity has thought of yet!

Fantastic! We love charity (we sometimes even let our blogger sit with us at lunch time) and would love to sit down with you and hear your idea. Visit the Contact Us section of our website and our talented team will set up an appointment for a chat. The best Calgary mobile app developer would love to help you find a solution for your app needs.