Top Industries Who Should Own an App Part 1

Are you a business owner who’s never thought of an app as an effective tool for your marketing efforts? Are you someone involved in an industry who thinks apps are pretty cool but you could never use one for what you do.. then have we got an article for you! Check out a few industries we think should be getting involved in the app game!

Do you provide goods/services to other people? Do you deal with customers and clients on a regular basis? Then you should get a mobile app! Sure, it might be easy for us to say since we would love to be the ones to make you an app, but we get calls on a daily basis curious as to how an app may benefit their business. As Calgary’s best Mobile App Developer, we are more than happy to provide our recommendations and share them with you! Here is a list of a few types of surprising businesses that we believe strongly benefit from an app:


I’ve seen more and more restaurants jumping on board the app train these days. One of my favorite restaurants: Smugglers Inn has just recently made an app that rewards your loyalty. I’ve been eating there since my dad took me as a kid, so it was an incredibly welcome sight to see the nostalgia of my favorite restaurant, mixed with an up and coming technology trend.

I believe that soon all restaurants will have a mobile app presence to some degree and that definitely reaffirmed it for me. A survey from Statista shows that 55 percent of diners use restaurant mobile apps, that’s an incredible number for anyone in the food and drink industry. Features like menus, pricing, deals, loyalty rewards, and online ordering come together to make a very alluring app for fans of your restaurant. Starbucks for example, now makes 9 million per week just by integrating a mobile ordering system with their locations. Could your restaurant be missing out on a potential profit from a simple app addition?

IT Industry

A short but sweet point no matter what your job may be in IT. What better way to show off your companies services, or provide a service in general than through an app. In order to attract potential clients, IT industries need to show off their innovation and advancements which can be perfectly done through a mobile app. Partnered well with a list of projects previously worked on by the team in a nice looking portfolio, you have a winning edge over the competition.

Health Care

Health Care may not be the most prominent user of mobile apps but I believe that will soon change. According to a recent survey, most health care professionals have intentions of rolling apps out for their practices within the next 3-5 years. A few benefits worth mentioning would be easier communication between doctors and patients, easier access to medical records, and increased patient monitoring. There’s many opportunities for apps to be used for the betterment of our health, so I look forward to seeing what sort of ideas and advancements appear in the next few years.


There are so many industries out there that can benefit from an app. That’s why I broke this up into two articles so stay tuned for the next part! Hopefully we were able to present a few good ideas that can get you thinking about your own business. If not, check out the next article. If we have piqued your curiosity then feel free to send us a message! Visit the Contact section of the website and our team would love to sit down with you and discuss how an app could benefit your business!