Vog App Developers Believes In Entrepreneurs

Tech firm supports startups

We were recently interviewed by Centaine Tyler with BeLocal/REAP regarding our stance on sustainability, employment, and believing in Alberta! Check out the full article here:

As a small business themselves, Vog App Developers feels it’s important for the entrepreneurs they serve to “have someone in their corner,” says founder Vince O’Gorman.

“We try to facilitate direction, and we mentor our clients on the direction apps are going.”

Vince started Vog App Developers in 2012 after breaking away from a career in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), driven by the “thrill of a challenge” and a desire to help others build interesting products.

Vog App Developers acts like an incubator, taking on entrepreneurs with ideas, helping them flesh it out, find funding, and connect them with Vog’s community partners like the ATB Entrepreneur Centre and Scotiabank’s Small Business Team.

“We’ve been able to make some pretty cool stuff with people that might not have had the chance to do so otherwise,” says Brandon Karp, Advertising Manager.

One of their favorite examples is Skillpics – an app by Ryan Corry that Brandon describes as “Instagram meets LinkedIn,” that allows users to showcase “who they really are,” not just their professional skills, but their hobbies as well. “We are all multi-skilled,” Brandon says.

Other favorites include eJourney – a journey management and tracking system developed in partnership with health and safety experts in oil and gas for lone workers that Brandon says is “ahead of its time,” and Paavaa – an “immigrant success story” launched by an engineer and a doctor from the Middle East that creates a job board for people to get help around the house from people with expertise.

Diversity is highly important at Vog App Development, as they encourage a multicultural environment and actively seek equal representation of women on their team of local developers. “Every one of us has an open-desk policy,” says Brandon. “And that makes a huge difference.”

Vince is honoured to be able to watch everyone on his team and their clients grow in the past five years. “It’s every man for every man, not every man for himself,” he says.


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