Traditional vs Automated Work Alone Applications

If you work in or manage any sort of work alone career. You’ll know that maintaining connection with everyone can be a nightmare to organize. Sure you might have a process down, but really isn’t it about time there was a better way? Check out a few thoughts from a Calgary App Developer on why taking the automated route may be a worthwhile switch for your business.

When it comes to working alone, hopefully you prioritize the safety of your employees first. If you are an employee who works alone, then you should always have your own personal safety as your first concern. Although you may already have conventional methods of monitoring the people who work alone, it may not be the best or safest practice. Here’s a comparison:

Traditional Method

The traditional method has been the age old system of contacting a supervisor or a call center either physically, by phone, or by text. Systems like this are extremely time and labor intensive. It takes a lot of man power just to make sure that safety is being followed. Although this may be important, there has to be a simpler, more efficient way. There is also a lot of human error potential, missing check ins, faulty service, or other unforeseeable events often result in accidents or incidents that could pose a risk to working alone employees. It’s outdated.

Automated Method

Cloud based monitoring is emerging as not only the best, but the safest method there is. These systems can be used right in our smartphones and can present the following features:

  • Automatically prompt users to check in or make an audio recording
  • Avoid hiring extra labor for call centers
  • Manage, store, and organize multiple check in files from multiple users
  • Send alerts, notifications, or weather warnings
  • Alert supervisors when check ins are missed
  • Alert emergency contacts
  • Provide real time GPS and work history

The overall benefit of automated systems is saving time and money, improving insurance costs, and improving the overall safety of employees. As your business grows, new employees can be easily added and tracked in minutes and the support of a good Calgary App Development team goes a long way to long term success.


Ultimately, it’s up to you as a business owner to make the right decision for your business. We believe cost, safety, and versatility can all be scaled in your favor to make the work alone process smooth and organized. If you are interested in developing an app of your own, please visit the Contact section of the website. Our team would love to discuss the possibilities for creating a work alone app for your business!