Is Influencer Marketing Right for you? Part 1

There’s so many avenues for marketing out there today. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, the list goes on. Although all of these social media outlets are popular advertising outlets for a reason, it can be incredibly difficult to become a success when you’re competing against so many other businesses. Enter: Influencer Marketing. Is it right for you? Check it out:

As I mentioned before, having social media accounts for your app is crucial, however it can be extremely difficult to gain traction through social media and become noticed. That’s why the trend of 2017 has now started shifting toward influencer marketing. If you’re a bit unsure as to what exactly influencer marketing is, it’s simply advertising through pages that are already popular. It started with the simple question of “why should I pay to advertise my page when I can just pay to get already popular accounts to advertise it for me?” In some cases, influencer marketing is cheaper than native advertising, and your app may be exposed to more people. So why wouldn’t you do it? Well in some cases, businesses 1. May not fully understand who exactly they should pick as their influencer of choice and 2. May not have the right product/service to do it. So before you start getting excited and throwing your money at influencers, here’s a few points to consider:

Mass Appeal

Every product has a topic, whether it’s a physical product, software, or an app. When you believe you have found your app’s “topic” consider these few questions:

  • Is your topic mentioned in the news/social media
  • What are the competition products?
  • What’s your demographic for your topic?

These questions are super important since you need to first sell your app to the influencer before they will show their followers. You need to be able to get them excited, showing what problem/topic your app/product will help them with. If you can keep the topic of your app at hand in development, you’ll go a long way in creating a fantastic app, which will “wow” your influencer, and hopefully, “wow” their followers. Remember that the people who follow your intended influencer likely share their likes, interests, passions, etc. So focus on impressing and relating your product to them, and your product may have a shot at great mass appeal!

Good Design

It may seem insignificant in the middle of launching/managing your app. However you need to pay attention to details. Although a good design will make it easier for people to recognize your brand, there’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • Is your message communicated clearly?
  • Does it give you good credibility?
  • Will it create loyalty with customers?

Big questions to ask all about your design choices. However, when you consider a large company like McDonalds, I used to recognize the golden arches of their logo a mile away as a kid. Hopefully, your branding will have the same effect. Once you begin to introduce yourself to an influencer and their followers, you need to make sure you’re consistent, clear, and recognizable as you continue to grow and expand.


A few questions have been answered here but we definitely are not done. Tune in for our next article where we finish off our thoughts on influencer marketing and whether or not it’s right for you

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