The Best Apps for the Remote Worker

The remote worker understands time management better than most. The ability to always be working hard and be on the move is a very difficult challenge in terms of maintaining your out of office excursion, as well as your full time work. Thankfully, the best Calgary mobile app developers at VOG Calgary, have put together a quick list that even a busy person will have time to read. So enough time wasting, here is our list for the top apps for the remote worker:



Of course anything that shortens the time wasted loading different apps is not only convenient, but awesome as well! Slack combines a group chat aspect with connections to Dropbox, Twitter, Zendesk, and Google Hangouts all in one place. Think of it like a virtual office space of cubicles where you can discuss ideas and pass each other documents as necessary. It will almost be like you never left!



The greatest work checklist of all time! If you and your team have a big project on the go, there is no better way to keep up with each members progress than with OneHive. OneHive features Dropbox integration allowing it to be versatile for whatever type of work your company is doing. You have the ability to create as many checklists as you need, assign each member of your team a different duty on the checklist, and keep tabs on how each member is doing with their assigned task and help each other out as needed.


Fantastical 2

Fantasical 2 isn’t overly fantastic but showcases a couple neat features worth mentioning. With this app you can set yourself literally any sort of reminder, be it birthdays, to do items, reminders, events/meetings, etc. The app will then display all of this information in a list view so you don’t have to worry about scrolling through your calendar trying to remember what day your dentist appointment is or when the next big project is due. You can also set locations on all of your events so you never forget where you are going (especially if you’re bad with directions like me).


KAYAK Flights Hotels and Cars

Kayak, like most other travel related apps, showcases the cool feature of being an all in one search engine. It takes data from just about every travel site and search engine and compiles all the results into one great app. Kayak also has a neat “Discover” section if you’re interested in cheap flights with no real destination in mind. It’s great for seeing the world if you’re not sure where you want to go, and great for business ensuring affordable prices. However, because there are so many apps out there in this genre that claim to be the “best,” please use your own discretion when choosing a travel related app, they’re handy to have but there isn’t necessarily a “best” one.



Arguably one of the better if not best video conferencing apps out there. Zoom allows multiple users (25 in the example) to seamlessly video conference together as well as let multiple people speak with clarity. The app is affordable, able to access your calendar, allows for recording (for the absent and tardy), and is able to be accessed on all devices including your computer. All the host has to do is send all employees a link and anyone with the link will have access to the conference, no account needed.


The Classics

You know what I’m talking about. Google’s tools, Dropbox, WordPress, basic phone functions, etc. Tools like gmail, drive, hangouts, and search make google the best friend of most remote workers for its popularity and ease. Tools like Google, Dropbox, etc are all universal tools everyone involved in a digital workplace will likely know about. If you’re looking for what works best, chat with anyone in a similar work environment as you, and they will likely be able to recommend tools and programs to use to make remote work easier and better.

What if there was an app that could…

That’s a great start to a sentence, it answers the real question about solving a problem through an app, rather than just making an app for the sake of making an app. As a Calgary Mobile App Developer, we would love to discuss what kind of app would make your life on the go easier. Visit the Contact Us section of our website, and our talented team would love to sit down with you and help you come up with a great solution to your problem!