Are you Signed up for Social West? You Should be!

Wondering what’s been going on at VOG Calgary App Developer? We have had a few exciting developments as of late and we are excited to make them officially public knowledge. Check out our exciting announcement and how you can be a part of it.

We are Sponsoring Social West!

Yup it’s true, We are excited to announce that Calgary’s best mobile app developer will be a headlining sponsor of the Social West Conference in Calgary. Check it out here. This will not only provide us with the opportunity to network with other businesses in Calgary, but will also give us the opportunity to learn and develop our own social media marketing skills.

At the conference not only will we be there to learn, we will also be setting up a trade show booth. We look forward to chatting with businesses from all over Calgary, and answering any app development interests/questions you may have at our trade show booth.

If you’re reading this and a bit confused you’re probably wondering…

What is Social West?

It’s incredibly difficult to be excited about Social West if you don’t know what it is. So if you don’t know what the Social West Conference is, here is a summary:

Social West is an exciting multi-day conference developed for those working in communications, marketing and social media professions.

Attendees experience sessions, panels and workshops lead by the industry’s foremost experts. Over the course of Social West, our speakers will share the elements of truly successful social media and digital strategies for businesses big and small.

Social West will be a worthwhile educational conference for social media and marketing professionals of all levels. If your business can’t afford to go another day without an advanced social media and digital marketing strategy, you need to be at Social West.

A Final Thought

We are incredibly excited for this conference, not only do we get the opportunity to learn more about continuing our business success, but it gives us the opportunity to network with Calgary. We hope that Social West is a stepping stone for us to attend more events, and ramp up our city networking. Calgary has made us the best App Developer in the city and we look forward to this new chapter of becoming more involved with the city, businesses, and the people in them.

If you’re wanting to learn more about the Social West conference or purchase tickets, click this link!

If making an app is something you or your business might be interested in, check out the Contact section of our site. Our team would love to sit down with you and discuss how we can bring your next app idea to life!