Mobile Advertising – The Trend of 2017

And we’re back!

After taking a brief break we have come back with another article from your local Calgary App Developer. Many respective industry giants have been sharing their advice and there is a definite trend in what each of them has said, mobile advertising is on the rise. Check out a few points on what you can do to generate interest when it comes to mobile advertising to your potential customers.

When did you check your phone last? If you answered “a couple minutes ago,” then you’re not alone. As it turns out North Americans spend more than 10 hours a day looking at various screens such as advertising boards, TV’s computers, laptops, phones, etc. Roughly five hours of this time is spent on the mobile phone. That’s a lot of time. Check out a few important steps when it comes to advertising through mobile:

Be Smart About Your Audience

When it comes to smartphones, they are far more personal than our computers. We keep our phones with us all the time, we use them for work, personal lives, keeping in touch, storing information, taking pictures, entertainment, and more! With so much of your personal life on your phone, does it not make sense to target an audience specific to your business?

Let me explain.. It’s incredibly easy to use the social media outlets around us today to laser focus onto the interests of specific people, in a specific place. Facebook has extremely in depth target audience options that allow you to target incredible details such as interests, age, workplace, etc. Taking the extra time to identify your target audience will go a long way in generating solid interest for your business, keep your marketing dollars smart, and give your potential customers that “personal touch” that they will appreciate when they view your ads on their smartphones.

First, I believe we will still see further increase on mobile advertising budgets. It was the trend for the last few years and will continue. Second, I think the new interactive ads will become popular on mobile end in 2017. Both the technology and the demand for it are ready. Third, the market will become more and more transparent. It is not only the desire of buyers, but also the way to make the whole mobile marketing ecosystem healthier. With the increase in customer demands, media companies and publishers will push forward on meeting such demands.

— Liis Ristal, Head of Marketing,

Keep The Small Screen In Mind

A simple yet powerful message. When you create ads, make sure that you also keep the mobile phone in mind. Ads that are designed for larger desktop screen will be skipped over entirely by anyone on a mobile device. Remember that in today’s day and age, bragging about your website being mobile friendly is the equivalent to a car having mirrors, it should be a standard. So if your website is optimized for mobile, does it not make sense to bring in mobile traffic?

Mobile ads are going to be mixed even deeper with other channels including social, video, native. This will help advertisers make their messages more appealing and diversified. Virtual reality ads are likely to go mainstream in the next several years, and it looks like this 2017 will be the hottest period to crop VR networks and develop new ad formats, targeting, audiences.

— Filippo Satolli, COO at

Keep Your Ads Native

To put it simply, remember this, “keep your advertising through mediums people already use.” So if you decide to advertise through Facebook, try to keep your ads relevant and native with other posts you might see on Facebook. You can do that by adding value through your ad, this means adding a high quality picture, free information, or something entertaining. This technique will pique the interest or potential customers who will be targeted by your advertising and give them an enticing reason to click your ad. Bad ads with no value that are just pumped out to as many people as possible will stand out like a sore thumb and can have a negative effect on your business to the people who see it.

I expect to see continued growth for mobile advertising, with mobile programmatic taking the lion’s share of the growth. Mobile display is anticipated to reach $29.6 billion this year — up six billion from 2016 — with 70 percent of it programmatic. Heavyweights in the space — like Google, Facebook and other platforms — will continue to lead the growing spend in mobile advertising and specifically mobile programmatic advertising in 2017.

— Ariel Porchera, CEO Waypedia LLC


Where the world goes, advertisers and marketers are sure to follow. So if you’re wanting to ride the trend of mobile traffic, does it not make sense to show your business through it? Any business can benefit from hopping on board the digital train and we believe we are the right company to do it. If your business is wanting to pursue mobile marketing, apps, or advertising, please visit the Contact section of the site. Our talented team of Calgary App Developers and Calgary Marketers would love to sit down with you and discuss how we can help your business.