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Why Your Business Suffers Without an App

Did you know that nearly 3/4 of North Americans check their phone at least once an hour. Of those 3/4 did you know that 90% of those people use and browse different apps on their phone. Your business could be one of them. At VOG – A Calgary Mobile App Developer – we have gazed into our crystal ball of statistics and see that majority of all website traffic is now going to mobile, so wouldn’t it just make sense to have an app dedicated and optimized to mobile traffic anyway? With that much time being invested into apps and mobile specific content, you’re missing out on a huge market. Here’s a few points on why an app could be a worthwhile investment for your business needs:

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An Exclusive Channel

You might be thinking to yourself “why don’t I just stick with a website and make sure it’s responsive?” Although a responsive website is very important, indulge this argument for just a moment. Compared to a website, an app can become an exclusive channel to communicate with your current/interested clientele. You can create special promotions, information, and even give notifications directly to those people who have your app. Compared to a website which you cannot guarantee will be revisited, you gain a far more secure and attentive audience than just through normal web browsing. Your customers will feel a part of your community rather than just window shoppers and that trust may lead to more sales.

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Endless Possibilities

Say you have a loyalty program where you collect points, imagine rather than spending money on physical cards to send to your customers, why not just have them manage their account, points, progress, etc all through an app? If your business revolves around blogging or news you could have a timeline that posts and alerts your customers immediately. If you are in a rental business of some kind, imagine having an online app system take care of booking for you instead of hiring the extra staff to maintain it. Technology is reaching a point of no limits these days and the sooner we tap into how to utilize it for our business, the more value we will add to our customers and the more successful we will be.

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Hey! I know these guys!

Have you ever seen a logo or brand everywhere? In YouTube ads, Facebook, billboards, public transportation, the app store? Familiarity can bring about curiosity and even trust. If you have the means to extend yourself into the app stores as part of your marketing strategy, then do it! It can be a worthwhile strategy to make a solid, value based app to your customers just to boost familiarity and even positive association if their first ever exposure to your business comes from your app.

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Customers love you

If you’re a small business looking to expand your reach and even put yourself into the app market that communicates strongly that your customers must love you and that is fantastic news! Whether you own a bakery, a small grocery store, or a flower shop, an app can definitely be used to help your business and grow your customers love for you. Imagine having an entire help center through your app that could provide instant answers to any customer queries. Or a dedicated social media style timeline where you and your customers post pictures of your baking creations? Apps can be an incredible way to boost engagement and add value to your their experience at your store. An app can also bring out a more personal touch to your potential customers since most marketing and advertisements have lost their effect on people. Being “a touch away” on a persons phone can be a lot more personal than a billboard or a Facebook ad. Lastly, getting an app can help you stand out among the competition, your app can help to separate your “bakery” from every other “bakery” in your location.

I would love an app but I can’t afford it

Believe me.. you can. Our team would love to sit down with you, discuss a budget, and even help set you up with your own template app personalized to your business for a fraction of the cost. Please Contact Us to get started on what could be a pivotal marketing move for your business. We would love to help point you in the right direction! We love Calgary, that’s why we are Calgary’s best mobile app developers.