5 Innovative Mobile App Marketing Ideas

10 Questions to Ask Your App Developers Before Making a Decision Part 2

As mentioned in part 1, it can be tough choosing the right developer, the right type of development (outsourcing, hiring an agency, in house), and weeding out the shady developers from the legit ones. Here is the continuation of a few questions to ask your developers that will bring you peace of mind, and help you make the right decision.

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10 Questions to Ask Your App Developers Before Making a Decision Part 1

When weighing all of your options in app development, it can be really tough to make a decision. There’s so many agencies, outsourcing options and in house developers that can all be a possible route for your mobile app. So how do you go about making the right decision among all of these possibilities. Here’s a few questions to ask your potential developer:

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Traditional vs Automated Work Alone Applications

If you work in or manage any sort of work alone career. You’ll know that maintaining connection with everyone can be a nightmare to organize. Sure you might have a process down, but really isn’t it about time there was a better way? Check out a few thoughts from a Calgary App Developer on why taking the automated route may be a worthwhile switch for your business.

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Why You Should Use an HSE App for Workplace Safety

Drowning in too much paperwork at your job site? Is safety becoming a concern to you and your coworkers? Are you looking to implement an easy and efficient change to your safety practice? You’re not alone! Sadly, too many people don’t know what the solution to their workplace safety problem is. Check out a few of our thoughts on why a mobile app is the way to go.

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Welcome to The Future: Augmented Reality Applications

You might remember a previous article of mine “What Apps Will Look Like In 2025” (if not you should check it out). This article actually gained a lot of traction through Google’s search engine and it turns out we weren’t too far off. Check out a few of our thoughts on AR App Development from a Calgary App Developer:

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